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My sites are under construction.

Please contact me at for more information on my projects or availability. And find me on your favorite social media as @deanslistaustin or @tdeanadams.

My work includes:

  • Marketing, social media and public relations
  • Write Your Life as a Woman classes
  • Coming soon – Dean’s List – Smart Ideas, a new media outlet

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Welcome. What’s your story?

Dean_Lofton 3

“If you’re at all connected digitally, you know Dean Lofton.”
– Austin American-Statesman

“…entertainment and media whiz…”
– Austin Chronicle

The Lofton Agency is a media and entertainment company helping businesses, brands, organizations, entrepreneurs and artists tell their story. What’s your story?

After many years as a full time publicist, I now only offer public relations and marketing assistance through consulting and coaching for small businesses, solo entrepreneurs, organizations and artists.

I now lead the Austin Independent Business Alliance’s Membership and Sponsorship Development. In addition to supporting the non-profit organization’s nationally recognized “Buy Local” movement, I am also the Director of the IBIZ Districts.

Thanks for connecting with me socially and with my other projects:

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–  Jeff Lofton – jazz trumpeter, composer, arranger, producer
Write Your Life as a Woman with Dean Lofton – classes, workshops, retreats and coaching
Dean Lofton – writer / actor, Represented by Brown Agency

Contact: Dean Lofton, Media Consultant
Follow The Lofton Agency on  Facebook.

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